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"It’s not a hangover if you don’t sleep.”  

- Ethan Jamieson

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Our story follows four unlikely friends, brought together by their passion for social football, who fall victim to methamphetamine. They all have their own reasons why they succumb to the drug. 

Jimmy, is a used-car salesman - an ex-criminal struggling to go straight and an appalling and unscrupulous businessman. Nick is an obviously conflicted, angry and slightly racist Catholic priest with a hidden past. Thomas, is a psychologist and drug councillor who knows he is no more than a reflection of his father and is painfully aware that his experience, especially around drugs, is limited to books. Raj is an out of work, overweight actor, who is drifting along aimlessly in a terrible relationship with his controlling girlfriend, Ashika.

When a worried parishioner presents Nick with a bag of meth that she found in her son’s room, the drug becomes a catalyst that sends our four friends on a disastrous, but at the same time, hysterical roller-coaster ride that will change their lives forever.


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